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Engaging Our Elders: The Power & Potential of Senior Volunteerism
Joshua Braverman and Ryan Kaitz
Published on: 6/3/2021
In Understanding the Motivations of Baby Boomer Volunteers, the national volunteerism organization AmeriCorps argues that volunteer opportunities “must be expanded and diversified in order to appeal to the 35 million people who are already over 65 and the 79 million baby boomers who are transitioning from primary careers and family building.”
Engaging Volunteers with Mild Cognitive Disorders
Margie Solomon
Published on: 6/3/2021
As a Volunteer Engagement Professional, I believe success is often measured not only by the impact on the person receiving services from Jewish Family Service (JFS) volunteers, but also on the person providing help and support. In fact, my favorite part of this job is being able to satisfy the needs of individuals on BOTH sides on a volunteer match!
Does the Equal Employment Apply to Volunteers
Compiled by: Karmit J Bulman
Published on: 6/3/2021
During the Pandemic, many organizations chose to furlough volunteers. Many of those furloughed volunteers were over the age of 55. Many of these volunteers would have preferred to be given a choice of whether or not to volunteer. This point of view led to some research. This may be an area worth exploring. What rights do “older” volunteers have with regard to preventing age discrimination? Following are some links to coverage of this question:
Member Spotlight: Bob Figlock
Published on: 6/3/2021
Meet this month's featured member, Bob Figlock, the Volunteer Engagement Manager for The Marine Mammal Center
Greater Minnesota
Ellie Burkett
Published on: 6/3/2021
Central and Northeastern MN District Councils met in June . People shared about where they are at with reinstating volunteers and how the landscape is changing for volunteer engagement professionals, volunteer programs and volunteers.
Partial and Full Scholarships to MAVA’s Virtual Conference Available to Minnesota Residents!
Wendy Roberts
Published on: 5/24/2021
The Minnesota Alliance for Volunteer Advancement (MAVA) is excited to announce a limited number of
need-based partial and full scholarships to MAVA’s 2021 Virtual Volunteer Engagement Leadership
Networking Sessions At the Conference - Meet Your Colleagues!
Wendy Roberts
Published on: 5/17/2021
n addition to the many exciting concurrent sessions, there will be two networking sessions to connect with other volunteer engagement leaders.
We Are Tired, Yet We Cannot Rest. Statement from MAVA Board of Directors and Staff
Karmit Bulman, MAVA Board & Staff
Published on: 4/13/2021
In the midst of the Chauvin trial, which is adding trauma to communities still mourning the death of George Floyd, our hearts break once again at the news of another police killing of a Black man.
MAVA Statement on Race Related Murders and Racist Violence
Karmit Bulman
Published on: 3/18/2021
We at MAVA are devastated by the murders in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16, which resulted in the deaths of eight people, including six women of Asian descent.
Yesterday Was A Hard Day
Karmit Bulman
Published on: 1/7/2021
Dear MAVA Community:
Regardless of your own political outlook, yesterday was a hard day. While we at MAVA believe that political and social movements and even protests are an essential form of volunteerism, the violence and obstruction that took place yesterday challenges our democracy. These actions are an affront to our ability to co-exist and to respect those with different viewpoints.
Conference Wrap-Up: What's Next?
Lisa Joyslin
Published on: 12/2/2020
After MAVA’s 2020 Virtual Conference on "Redefining Volunteerism: Dismantling Inequities" we asked participants to share practices, ideas or resources they hope to implement in the future as a result of the conference. People had such amazing ideas and action items that we wanted to share a sampling of responses (see below). We hope these ideas give you a snapshot of conference takeaways, and also provide ideas for actions you can take for yourself and your organization.
Volunteerism Best Practices: Not Best for Everyone
Lisa Joyslin
Published on: 10/28/2020
The idea of “best practices” is a key part of nonprofit lingo and a concept touted by volunteer engagement leaders as we work to build our profession.

It can be a helpful term, and a helpful concept. But it can also be harmful.
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Recognizing Racism in Volunteer Engagement
Lisa Joyslin
Published on: 6/19/2020
Today, June Nineteenth, we commemorate the end of official slavery in the U.S. On this day, we recognize how racial injustices are still deeply rooted into the fabric of our society. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, followed by protests and riots across the nation calling for racial justice, many people are experiencing discomfort. Discomfort at the unfairness and injustice experienced in the Black community. Discomfort in our own actions, or lack thereof. Discomfort regarding how to move forward.
COVID-19 Resources for Volunteer Engagement Leaders
Published on: 5/20/2020
MAVA staff and board wish to provide support to each of you as we address challenges we face as a result of COVID-19. We are balancing health concerns with the importance of providing our members with support, connection, and resources.
MAVA in the News: Responding to COVID-19
Jenna Egan
Published on: 3/23/2020
MAVA in the news to discuss volunteerism and volunteer leadership during COVID-19.
MAVA COVID-19 Support and Updates
Published on: 3/16/2020
Dear MAVA Community:

These are hard times. The uncertainty can produce anxiety and it is difficult to know how to do our jobs and how to navigate the constantly changing environment. MAVA staff are working remotely and will continue to provide services and support to each of you virtually where possible.
MAVA’s Response and Resources for COVID-19
Published on: 3/12/2020
Dear MAVA Community,

MAVA staff and board wish to provide support to each of you as we address challenges we face as a result of COVID-19. We are balancing health concerns with the importance of providing our members with support, connection, and resources.
Preparing Your Volunteer Program for COVID-19
Published on: 3/11/2020
As COVID-19 spreads through the US, there are many unknowns as to the level and depth of response needed from nonprofit organizations. Managing volunteers through this pandemic will be an important part of continuing essential service delivery in our communities. While we acknowledge this is uncharted territory, we want to offer some tips for nonprofits and volunteer engagement leaders as you prepare your organization’s volunteers for COVID-19.
Member Spotlight: Courtney Flug and Ree Ford
Published on: 1/9/2020
Meet this month's featured members, Courtney Flug a Volunteer Manager and Ree Ford a Community Outreach & Engagement Coordinator VISTA for VEAP (Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People)
New Website Connects Immigrants with Volunteer Opportunities
Published on: 1/9/2020
Learn about Abdurrahman Mahmud who made a website focused on connecting immigrants to jobs and volunteer opportunities
Plan for Your DEI Professional Development in 2020
Published on: 1/9/2020
There are many opportunities to advance your own professional development through events focused
on diversity, equity and inclusion. Take a look at some of the organizations providing DEI training and
what they’re offering in 2020.
MAVA Announces New Inclusive Volunteerism Resources and Opportunities!
Published on: 1/9/2020
MAVA is excited to announce the release of several new inclusive volunteerism resources for volunteer engagement leaders, along with a first-time cohort learning opportunity around racial equity in volunteerism in 2020.
Member Benefit: Background Check Discounts with McDowell Agency
Learn about MAVA member discounts on background checks through the McDowell agency.