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We have often encouraged leaders of volunteers to replace the traditional “3 Rs of volunteer management” (recruitment, retention, and recognition) with what we like to call the “3 Cs of volunteer engagement” (cultivation, collaboration, and communicating impact). But as 2021 begins and the hope for the end of the Coronavirus pandemic is dawning, we see organizations around the world ready to tackle a completely different “3 Rs” – namely:
The New 3 Rs of Volunteer Engagement: Recovery, Reopening, Return

Engaging Our Elders: The Power and Potential of Senior Volunteerism

In Understanding the Motivations of Baby Boomer Volunteers, the national volunteerism support organization AmeriCorps argued, based on 2004 data, that volunteer opportunities “must be expanded and diversified in order to appeal to the 35 million people who are already over 65 and the 79 million baby boomers who are transitioning from primary careers and family building.” Today, the number of Americans over the age of 65 has risen significantly, to 56 million; within 40 years, that number is projected to rise to 94.7 million.

How Cultivating Professional Boundaries for Volunteer Managers Can Help Banish Burnout
Some timely thoughts from the crew at Tobi Johnson & Associates on the difference between being stressed and burning out, and steps you can take to strengthen your self-care strategies.