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When and Where to Use Wage Replacement Rates (or Not) for Volunteer Value (Updated 2021)
There is a time and place for volunteer numbers, hours, and financial value. But not every time nor every place. This enduring question comes to the forefront each year during National Volunteer Month when Independent Sector releases its annual update of the financial value of a volunteer hour. This dollar value is frequently combined with volunteer numbers and hours to form an industry standard for reporting volunteer value. Yet their common usage does not mean they are the only, or even best, way to share volunteer contributions. In fact, there are many ways to capture the value that volunteers bring to their organizations. 

Check out the Nonprofit Education Survey Project where you will see COVID-19 related research and 68 reports from various state and local sources about the impact of COVID on nonprofits. Click here for a compilation report to document common findings and compiled the reports here. A release on the report can be found here

National Volunteer Week builds momentum for a National Voluntary Action Strategy
We have seen more intense and accelerated changes this past year, with informal volunteering, neighborhood groups, and organic movements surging to help extended family, friends, and neighbors with basic needs. People gave voice to social injustice, racism, and economic inequalities and businesses found innovative ways to co-deliver community programs with non-profit partners.