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Being a Part of MAVA

Cat Beringer | Published on 4/6/2022
The best thing about MAVA is that there are so many opportunities to connect and grow professionally. When I was starting out as a volunteer coordinator and new to the field, the variety of workshops really helped provide training, a place to reflect, and an opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. The annual conferences and the Dismantling Inequities Conferences have been highlights in my professional development. The amazing staff at MAVA can put together a conference like no other!

Volunteer managers tend to be welcoming and friendly, so there is a lot of support available. When the pandemic hit, I really relied on MAVA’s zoom check ins not only to see how other volunteer managers were responding to the global crisis to keep everyone safe and deal with so many unexpected changes, but also to better understand the legal ramifications of volunteering during this time. At a time where I could have felt like I was all alone and isolated, I had a zoom room full of newfound friends. I feel so grateful that we had MAVA to bring us together!

I have loved being a part of MAVA. I have been on the Membership Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, and now I am on the board. It’s been an incredible experience to be a part of such thoughtful conversations around the evolution of volunteering and the nonprofit world. As we move into the future, we are so fortunate to have MAVA represent the needs and concerns of everyone who benefits from the passion and dedication of volunteers.