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Greater MN

 | Published on 4/1/2021

It has been great connecting with many of you this past month. I have attended a few network meetings and have had a Zoom "coffee break" with a few volunteer coordinators from around the state.  Much of what has been on people's minds is volunteer reinstatement and the approaches vary greatly depending on populations served and types of organizations. MAVA is hearing you - and we will continue to provide platforms as we collectively move forward. I just want to I am so impressed with the services that have continued to be provided considering all of the adjustments - I love the creativity implemented to meet the critical needs in greater MN.


In early March the Central MN Diversity, Equity and Inclusion cohort was launched. There are five organizations participating, many of which serve multiple county residents. We will be looking at how to ensure volunteer engagement programs are open and inclusive and to recognize the awesome volunteerism happening in the region.