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Join us at MAVA's 
Volunteer Engagement Leadership Conference!

Hot Takes in Volunteer Engagement MAVA June 2024

The profound transformations in volunteerism and society demand a radical departure from "business as usual."

This summer our theme of "hot takes" aims to carve out space for innovation.

Hot Take (noun): A bold and unpopular opinion, a controversial idea, or a strong perspective that goes against the status quo. 

We will come together to explore familiar topics from fresh perspectives, question standard practices, and challenge preconceived notions about volunteers and volunteer engagement. This is not business as usual. 

June 5-7, 2024

Hosted at DoubleTree by Hilton in Roseville, MN

June 12, 2024

Virtual Mini Conference

Registration Closed

Keynote and Large Group Speakers

It is Not Hard to Recruit Volunteers
Opening Keynote | Wednesday, June 5
In Defense of Radical Hope: Fostering Organizational Change Through Interdependence and Possibility
Closing Keynote | Friday, June 7

Jayne Cravens

We're hearing a lot about a severe drop in volunteers since the start of the recent pandemic. But are there really less people who want to volunteer? Or is there something else going on, something that's been coming on for many years? This keynote will review all of the places people under 50 are expressing their keen interest in volunteering, and how their interests are going unanswered. We'll review the adjustments you need to make to reach this abundance of people interested in volunteering and to keep them engaged. 

Dr. Johnanna Ganz

Dr. Ganz Cropped

Scarcity, overwhelm, exploitation, and persistent isolation: the nonprofit and volunteer spheres have long held these words as an expected as part of the gig. We are seeing the inevitable results of these low-bar expectations, and leaders are experiencing unprecedented levels of chronic stress, clinical burnout, and professional dissatisfaction. Yet, on the horizon, there is another world waiting for us—built from the pillars of radical hope, possibility, and interdependence. Join us for a candid conversation on the challenges facing our work and to help us create space to dream, to collaborate, and to build more sustainable foundations for mission-driven careers and organizations. Be ready to think through how we can cultivate vision with practical action based on your learning, insights, and connections built through the conference.

Hot Takes Cafe

Networking Session | Wednesday, June 5


Join the discussion on emerging issues in volunteer engagement and give us your hot takes.

We're picking up where we left off at the end of our 2023 conference, when Jennifer Bennett encouraged us to be forward-thinking, optimistic and passionate about volunteer engagement. This year, we invite you to take a seat at the Hot Takes Tables to start real conversations on topics that go underexplored or challenge the status quo in our field.

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Brushing Off Burnout
Large Group Session | Thursday, June 6

Heather Stein, 
Femina Ajayi-Hackworth, and Karen Caldwell
Inclusion Arts Group

To truly shift mindsets, equity advocates need to be thoughtful, on-point, and share their hot takes in the right place, and at the right time. Being strategic and showing up sharp requires self-love, self-care, and unwavering compassion for others. But let’s be real, we are human and we have our moments when under pressure, just like others. In order to ensure you are truly showing up in the most effective way, Inclusion Arts Group will take you on an exploratory journey of the various states of compassion fatigue and share ideas for how to care for ourselves in these various stages.

Through engaging in artistic meditation and gamification, participants will leave with new and refreshed mindsets, ready to absorb the wisdom from MAVA presenters. Each participant will have the opportunity to clarify their personal self-care needs before diving deeper into MAVA's Hot Takes sessions; positioning them to maximize the value of the conference, and make the most of their opportunities to advance equity.

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