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Greater MN

Ellie Burkett  | Published on 3/4/2021

Ellie Burkett, the Greater Minnesota Program Manager is reaching out to all corners of the state connecting with network groups and individuals. If your network of Volunteer Engagement Professionals would like Ellie to attend one of your meetings feel free to contact her (information below). 

The Northwest and West Central District Council will be gathering on March 25th. Volunteer engagement professionals from this region are encouraged to attend a conversation to meet Ellie and (re)connect with colleagues. More information and registration may be found on MAVA’s Upcoming Events page. 

In Central MN a number of organizations are soon to start a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion cohort to increase recognition of formal and nonformal volunteer activities and inclusion of diverse populations. This cohort is grateful for seed funding from the Initiative Foundation. Are you interested in having a DEI cohort in your region? Let Ellie know. As professionals throughout greater Minnesota we will create and strengthen opportunities for equity and inclusion of diverse populations. 

Ellie would like to spend 15 to 30 minutes to get to know you and learn how things are going during this unpredictable time and discuss what your needs are. If you would like to have a Virtual Coffee/Tea Break with Ellie please feel free to email her at or phone her at (218) 833-2422.