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Greater MN in 2020

Julie Vreeland  | Published on 1/7/2021

2020 has been a year to remember and embrace.  Changes to everything we have done and new changes for the future.  

Greater MN has brought many challenges moving forward.  We held our District Councils both in person and via Zoom.  We held our VILT Trainings in person and via virtual.  We learned that being able to just see each other made the changes in our positions easier to manage.  

MAVA did a Greater MN survey to our members and nonmembers outside of the Metro area.  The comments and information we received helped us to plan for the future training needs of the Greater MN area.  We learned that virtual volunteering has a place in Greater MN but that having volunteers back in your organization is a great gift and one worth waiting for.  

During 2020 programs in Greater MN included:  8 District Council meetings, 4 VILT Trainings with two being in person trainings, 17 trainings via Zoom and many gatherings via virtual meeting sites.  Greater MN members and nonmembers shared in Zoom meetings with their networks and organizations via MAVA’s Zoom site and we invite others to gather on our site going forward as well.  

Moving forward we see many opportunities for trainings and gatherings, not only for our District Councils and VILT programs but for our many members and volunteers.  They are what keep us moving and going forward with all of MAVA’s programs and initiatives.  

Thank you for the opportunity to see your smiling faces via every virtual call and in person meeting.  Our best to you going forward in 2021 and beyond.