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MAVA offers a variety of products and services to our members and contacts.

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MAVA's Toolkits

Building a Peer Professional Network

MAVA developed a 33-page notebook to help those leaders of volunteers living outside the Metro Area to launch a MAVA Connections Network in your area. This cover topics ranging from Stages in Network Development and Balancing Participants' Needs to Outreach Tips and includes all tools and materials need to launch this Peer Networking Event.

  • $8.00  for MAVA Members & $17.50  for Non-MAVA Members for copies purchased at the MAVA office.

  • Electronic download of materials available for $4.00 for MAVA Members & $13.50 for Non-MAVA Members.
*If sales tax exempt, please send proof to MAVA Office.

How to purchase:

To purchase an electronic download - e-mail or call 651-255-0469.  Payment can be with a credit card, or a check mailed with the order form .

To purchase a printed bound copy – call 651-255-0469 or e-mail to arrange a time to purchase and pick up at the MAVA office at 1800 White Bear Ave. North in Maplewood.

Tool Kit for Recruiting and Supporting Job- Seeking Volunteers

Recognizing the growing importance of job seekers as volunteers, the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) started an initiative in 2010 to develop tools and resources to assist organizations in recruiting and supporting job seekers as volunteers. The aim was to optimize the value that job seekers gain from volunteering and to make it easy for organizations to involve job seekers as volunteers. Information was gathered from:
  • A survey of leaders of volunteers in Central Minnesota
  • Focus groups  held in Central Minnesota and the Twin Cities Metro Area
  • Advice and guidance from Central Minnesota Advisory Taskforce
  • A literature review
According to late 2010 MAVA survey data, the state’s volunteer programs are experiencing significant growth in the number of inquiries from job seeking volunteers as:
  • 54% of organizations reported increased reliance on volunteers compared to two years ago
  • 66% of those organizations reporting increased inquires about volunteering indicated the increase was primarily driven by unemployed people
  • 30% reported volunteers helped preserve organizational services
  • 50% reported that volunteer hours have increased compared to a year ago
  • 35% used volunteers to lead or manage projects
  • 42% asked volunteers to use their professional skill sets
This took kits helps organizations recruit and support job seekers as volunteers through designing position descriptions, gaining organizational support for the taking on a short term volunteer,  and how to say good bye to the volunteer when they find paid work.

Download a full PDF of MAVA's Job Seeking Toolkit

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MAVA's Volunteer Management Consultation

Your organization can contract with MAVA for consultation on building the volunteer program.  MAVA has a consultation package that includes an assessment of organizational volunteer program practices and resources for building the program.  Consultation can also be arranged on most aspects of volunteer management.  Contact the MAVA Office for more information.
  • Developing a volunteer program work plan
  • Energizing and Improving the volunteer program
  • Revamping the volunteer program for the new volunteer workforce
  • Developing a volunteer program manual
  • Most aspects of volunteer management
Consultation is available in all regions of Minnesota. Contact the MAVA Office for more information.

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MAVA's Customized Training

Bring top notch volunteer training to your staff. A contract can be arranged with MAVA to provide in-house for your staff:
  • All, or some, of the modules from the Volunteer Impact Leadership Training Series on the best practices for effectively engaging volunteers
  • Training on Engaging Boomers as volunteers or Engaging Volunteers in Higher Responsibility Roles  (add link to initiative page)
  • Training on other current trends in volunteerism
  • A range of current topics in volunteer management

Customized Training is available in all regions of Minnesota. Contact the MAVA Office for more information.

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MAVA's Trainings

MAVA hosts trainings and networking Events throughout the year. Please see Events for more information.

Screening your Volunteers

The McDowell Agency, Inc. has set the standard for volunteer background checks throughout Minnesota.  Their screening program was developed to assist schools, youth sports organizations, churches, and volunteer driven organizations to screen out predators and criminals from having direct contact with children and other vulnerable populations.  The MAVA recommended program pairs a comprehensive personal consultation to determine the best program for your needs and budget  and a comprehensive Criminal Background Check Search to provide your organization with quick, accurate, and complete results (an average of less than 2 business days in 2007).

This MAVA recommended program includes the following searches:
  • Social Security Address Trace
  • Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Search
  • County Criminal Record Search
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search
  • USA Criminal Index Search
The McDowell Agency, Inc. has over 25 years of experience in conducting criminal background checks.  We are a licensed private investigation firm that specializes in criminal background checks in the non-profit sector.  Our knowledge and experience was instrumental in developing a much needed and affordable program for MAVA member organizations.  The McDowell Agency, Inc. has been recognized as pioneers and experts in the Volunteer Screening Industry.  This past year alone, The McDowell Agency, Inc. has performed a number of presentations and educational seminars for numerous educational and volunteer conferences.  In addition to our partnership with MAVA, The McDowell Agency, Inc. is proud to be endorsed by and partners with the following organizations as the premier provider of background check services for their members:
  • Minnesota Association of School Administrators
  • Minnesota Association of Charter Schools
Child abuse, domestic assault, and other forms of abuse occur every day and, unfortunately, volunteer organizations are not immune.  This is a complex issue which requires every organization that works with vulnerable populations to become proactive.  An alarming number of volunteers have a history of involvement in incidents of violence and/or sexual misconduct which can lead to crimes perpetrated against innocent victims.

The McDowell Agency strongly believes that it is not merely information we handle, but peoples’ lives and futures.  We are committed to accuracy. We require a trained expert to interpret all results; reports are never forwarded to a client until a licensed account representative has reviewed it.  Your account representative will be a licensed private investigator with training in how to interpret the results.

A Successful Partnership

At The McDowell Agency, Inc. we are very excited about our continuing partnership with MAVA.   We have partnered with MAVA for nearly two years, and we currently work with 25 MAVA members.

Our corporate philosophy is to provide our clients with the ultimate client experience. We achieve this by providing our clients with top of the line customer service (no automated responses or answering machines: we actually answer our phone), fast turnaround time (in 2007 our average turnaround time was 42 hours) and the most competitive pricing in the industry. With a client retention rate of over 99%, we have proven success in providing that experience to every one of our clients.

Schedule a Free Consultation of your Background Check Program Today

To request a copy of MAVA’s reference check on The McDowell Agency, Inc., contact Mary Capuzzi or 651-266-4015

To take advantage of this great benefit, or to request additional information from The McDowell Agency, Inc., please contact:

Tim Landsberger
Director, Sales and Marketing
The McDowell Agency, Inc.
Toll Free:  (877) 644-3880
Office:  (651) 644-3880
Cell:     (651) 248-3182

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