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Greater Minnesota Update

Julie Vreeland

Great things are going on with MAVA, in Greater Minnesota, in March. We start out with a Skills Based Workshop in Little Falls and then journey to LaCrosse for a Volunteer Impact Leadership Series on the 20th and 21st. Registration information is on the MAVA website. Big thanks to our trainers for helping with these programs. We couldn’t continue to provide outstanding trainings and programs if it weren’t for great MAVA volunteers and trainers.

We are still looking for a Series host in Greater MN. If you are interested please contact me at 218-537-1792 or and we can talk further on the responsibilities of the hosting organization. We do pay our host organization for sponsoring the Series.

I am also looking for a couple more Greater Minnesota people to serve on a panel for the upcoming MAVA Conference. The presentation ison Volunteerism in Rural Areas. It is a presentation with a panel format. We would like 4-5 people to serve on the panel and a presenter/moderator. If you are interested please contact me as well. I can review the program and talk further on what we are looking for. This is an updated panel from our presentation at the Summit last summer.

District Councils are still looking for members in all areas of the state. We will start hosting Council meetings in March and looking at an Adobe Connect information session in March as well. For further information on our Councils please give me a call and I would love to talk further. I can also send you information on the Councils for you to review.

Have a great March! Spring is just around the corner.

Julie Vreeland
Greater Minnesota Program Manager